Welcome to Alisal Healthy Start

1441 Del Monte Avenue, Salinas, CA  93905 

(831) 775-4500; FAX (831) 753-5273

Have questions or need assistance from our staff?  We would love to hear from you.  Here is how to reach us:

 FIRST NAME, LAST                 TITLE                                                     EMAIL ADDRESS                                             OFFICE NUMBER 

Alicia Clemente            Secretary                              alicia.clemente@alisal.org             775-4501

Alma Fuerte-Jauregui   Paraeducator                       alma.jauregui@alisal.org              775-4510

Anna Perez-Rick           Adult Basic Educator            anna.perezrick@alisal.org            775-4510

Annabelle Rodriguez    Program Manager                annabelle.rodriguez@alisal.org      775-4500

Beronica Aguilera         Family Services Specialist   beronica.aguilera@alisal.org          775-4506

Elizabeth Serrano-Hill   Family Services Specialist   elizabeth.serrano@alisal.org           775-4507

Gilberto Oros                 Computer Technician         gilberto.oros@alisal.org                 775-4511

Guadalupe.Garnica       Family Services Specialist   lupita.garnica@alisal.org                 775-4520

Jessica Pena                 Account Technician            jessica.pena@alisal.org                   775-4508

Maria Elvia Garcia        Family Services Specialist    maria.garcia@alisal.org                  775-4522

Martin Saldana             Paraeducator                        martin.saldana@alisal.org               775-4510

Oralia Villanueva          Paraeducator                        oralia.villanueva@alisal.org             775-4510

Reyna Gross                  Family Services Specialist    reyna.gross@alisal.org                    775-4518

Ruth Martinez                CBET/ESL Clerk                    ruth.martinez@alisal.org                775-4514

Stella Lauerman            Special Needs Coordinator  stella.lauerman@alisal.org              775-4517

Yesenia Zamora            Family Services Specialist    yesenia.zamora@alisal.org            775-4520